Heartfelt Sympathy Gift

Heartfelt Sympathy Gift

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Someone dear to you has suffered a devastating loss. A person dear to them has died, and they are struggling. As you read this, you've already shown incredible empathy in your search for something that brings solace. But what will bring them solace?

Everyone deals with grief in their own distinct way. However, through her own grief, our founder Leslie Barber, realized there were some things that could be universally helpful to grievers.

These empathetic gestures are not intended for memorialization; they’re to help those here with us deal with a close death.

Heartfelt is focused on keeping you connected to the griever throughout one of the hardest times in their life. Send them this Heartfelt Sympathy straight away.

Contents of a Heartfelt Sympathy

Inside the griever will be presented with a hand-written note that acknowledges the receiver's grief; this is a custom message from you. If you cannot find the words, we will help with a fitting expressions of sympathy.

Under thoughtfully wrapped slate tissue paper, they will find the following.

In Loving Memory Book

In Loving Memory Book Knowing that you are not alone in your grief can provide some solace. Reading other people's stories reminds us that there are people, right now, feeling what you feel. This book of quotations brings care and compassion to the griever—empathy for today and hope and healing for tomorrow. They will read and remember they are not alone.

Anxiety Relief Essential Oil

Anxiety is a real and often-overlooked part of grief. This essential oil is a blend (silver fir, ylang ylang, Norway spruce, juniper needle and cedarwood) specifically designed for anxiety relief during a very upside-down time. A little help for the body to relax, take a moment and pause

Angel Catcher Journal & Pen

Getting emotions down on paper helps a griever get in touch with, and identify, the distress they feel. It can be a way to capture the stories they don't want to forget.

This unique and sensitive grief journal inspires reflection; it has room for photographs and treasured memories of a loved one. A place to record their thoughts and allow the heart to heal.

I Am Present With Grief Candle

The practice of being present is helpful to a griever. This aroma is a soft, well-balanced blend of white tea, ginger, and a touch of lime, fresh pine, thyme, and freshly ground cinnamon bark. To keep them present, the griever will be asked to light this candle, get their journal, breathe in, and write.

Facial Tissues

Grief has no timeline. Emotions can come at any time or at any place, even in aisle seven of the grocery store. Though a small token, these tissue packs bring a great deal of warmth to your Heartfelt Sympathy. These are small enough to throw in a purse or place in a man's pocket.