Send a gift specifically
for a griever.

A Heartfelt Sympathy is a connection grievers hope for yet cannot articulate. Send a friend, coworker, or loved one something touching, personal, and most of all helpful.

They grieve.

There is nothing wrong with memorializing a death with flowers or sending a sympathy card in remembrance of the dead. Heartfelt wonders what can we do for the people who are here with us now; our friends or loved ones in a state of struggle, in a state of grief.

You help.

A Heartfelt Sympathy is a package of essentials to help a person cope with the death of someone very close. A helpful connection between you and them throughout one of the hardest times in their life. You are there for them.

What’s found in Heartfelt Sympathy?
Sympathy gifts for grievers


  • Ways to help Notepad
  • In loving memory Book
  • In mourning Badge
  • I am present with grief Candle
  • Facial tissues


  • Grief Journal & Pen
  • Comfort Blanket
  • Keep going Temporary Tattoo
  • Anxiety Relief Essential Oils
I have been there.

When my husband Steve died, I moved from being on this planet to a realm between life and death. I was far away but right here.

People in my community no longer felt comfortable talking to me or being around my sadness - they wanted to fix me. But grief is not fixable. Don't let this stop you from giving support.

Everyone deals with grief in their own distinct way. However, through my own grief experience, I found there were some things that could be universally helpful. The items in a Heartfelt Sympathy are not intended for memorialization; these items are for people still here. Grievers.

When you witness, acknowledge, and validate a person's grief, you have helped in unforeseen ways. As there is so much sorrow in the mind of a griever, you may not get a 'thank you,' so let me thank you right now.

Thank you. The fact that you are looking to provide support means a lot. Keep going.

Leslie Barber, Founder of Heartfelt & Grief Warrior.

What are the steps?


Each package has essential items. You can add additional items and your personalized note. Can't find the right words? We have options for you.


Within a day, your Heartfelt Sympathy will ship. Your note, placed atop your chosen items will be their first impression —Its sentiments are heartfelt.


Continual connection with grievers can help relieve sorrow they may feel in this lonely time. Heartfelt send's you periodic reminders to reach out and reconnect.

It brought an instant feeling of connection and acceptance to my grief. It felt personal and intimate, comforting and nurturing. It is exactly how we want our supporters to be, but in a package.

Jeanne S., widow, gift receiver

Sending this gift made me feel like I am doing something to help with her healing. I even got a note from my friend’s sister thanking me for sending it. Amazing!

Nani, gift giver

“Being there” doesn't have to mean being there.

Heartfelt is made up of mothers, daughters, fathers and sons who have experienced grief.

Our purpose is to create connections for grievers — it's something WE ALL need most.

What can you do for the people who are with us now?

What can we do for our friends, our loved ones in a state of struggle, in a state of grief?

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